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Funeral Agency Guerreiro & Guerreiro

With over 30 years of experience, and always lead by the same Funeral Manager, José Guerreiro (Zé Guerreiro).

We as the Funeral Agency "Guerreiro&Guerreiro" provide a professional, caring and compassionate response to your needs confirmed by honesty, transparency and highly qualified family run professionals and have been recognized as providers of an exceptional and personalized service to adjust to each and every specific situation in order to respond to one´s needs.


Mortuary Cosmetology

The aim is to make the deceased person look as they did in life so it won´t shock the most sensitive persons. This gives the grieving family some comfort to see that their loved one seems to be apparently sleeping. Consists in the beautification of the corpse so they look similar to how they did before passing.


"Exhumation" means the removal from the ground and the transportation from one grave to another grave, which could be in a different cemetery or not, of the remains either in the form of a body or there is also the possibility of cremating the remains of the corpse.

Domestic Mortuary Shipping and Internacional Mortuary Shipping

We can arrange the transferal of the corpse to anywhere in the country (including the islands of Madeira and Azores), as well as International Mortuary Shipping abroad.

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Ana Luísa Da Costa Marreiros

Date of obit: 2023-09-28

Teodomiro Sousa António

Date of obit: 2023-09-26

José De Freitas Pinheiro

Date of obit: 2023-09-26

Maria Da Glória Marreiros Nascimento

Date of obit: 2023-09-21

Maria Josefa

Date of obit: 2023-09-21

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