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About Us

With over 30 years of experience, and always lead by the same Funeral Manager, José Guerreiro (Zé Guerreiro).

We as the Funeral Agency "Guerreiro&Guerreiro" provide a professional, caring and compassionate response to your needs confirmed by honesty, transparency and highly qualified family run professionals and have been recognized as providers of an exceptional and personalized service to adjust to each and every specific situation in order to respond to one´s needs.


With our agency you will find a highly trained and experienced team with all the honesty and dignity that your family deserves during the difficult time. Our staff has the highest standards of ethical practices and training and are committed to ensure an exceptional service to you and your family.

We provide all the support in all of the handling of bureaucratic and legal documentation during this hard time. We handle all of the specific registry and communications to social services and civil registry amongst other services, such as, publications of death/funeral notice in the local and national newspaper, acquisition of all floral arrangements for the service, as well as, any and all type of services.

Rest assured that "Guerreiro &Guerreiro" will provide your family with the highest quality of Funeral Services during your time of need.




"Guerreiro & Guerreiro" upholds a variety of modern and exclusive funeral vehicles in order to guarantee the comfort and discretion of the family, as well as, appropriate vehicles to collect the deceased bodies at home or in other types of situations driven by our chauffeurs that have the highest qualified requisites and specific training.


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Estimates / funeral plans

We have a wide range of funeral plans, which you can take care of with in your lifetime. Preplanning is a thoughtful decision that helps reduce the stress of indecision and uncertainty when a death occurs. A carefully preplanned service can be the most comforting to your family as it spares them from having to face decisions that can be both emotionally and financially difficult at the time of death. It can give them lasting peace of mind to know that they have acted in accordance with your wishes.


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