Funeral Services

We have all types of funeral services, temporary or perpetual burial and entombment in a crypt or mausoleum.

Mortuary Shipping

We arrange corpse transfers nationwide (including Madeira and Azores islands) and International Mortuary Shipping abroad.


We also provide options such as transferring the remains to another cemetery, or a grave in the same cemetery, or cremation.

Mortuary Cosmetology

The aim is to make the deceased person look as they did in life so it won´t shock the most sensitive persons. This gives the grieving family some comfort to see that their loved one seems to be apparently sleeping. Consists in the beautification of the corpse so they look similar to how they did before passing.

Customer Service

We offer a personalized and specialized service at all stages of the process.


We hold funerals in and out of the country. Any part of the country and abroad.


Whenever you choose cremation you can count on a professional and personalized accompaniment in order to answer all your doubts about the cremation process.

Floral Arrangements

We offer a wide range and a complete floral service. Contact us.

Legal Documentation

Handling of all documentation related to the pension fund and cemeteries


We have a wide range of religious products to choose from

Estimates/prepaid Funeral Plans

We provide all the necessary support for the payment of the funeral process.

Memorial Stone Masonry

We take care of all of your needs in every single moment, especially during this grieving time, with a personalized and highly professional marble and stone mason at your disposal.


Techniques used to preserve and prepare the corpse in order to slow down the decomposition process to prolong the natural appearance of the body, thus being able to extend the deadlines for a wake or funeral.

Count on our quality funeral service!