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Very professional, nothing was too much trouble, Nelson was ready to assist anytime of day or night, we had him on standby for a weekend emergency if it was needed. A family business here in Lagos, 5 star service.

Debby Wray


I had to use this firm while I was out in Portugal. In just over 2 days they managed to recover the body from hospital and to cremate so that I could return to the UK Very understanding and made a experience that is not very nice , a pleasant one.

David Murray-Hundley (The Grumpy Entrepreneur)


Many thanks to the funeral agency Guerreiro & Guerreiro for the personal and very compassionate care and organization of my deceased friend. As a foreigner, I felt that I was in very good hands in this extraordinary situation. Mrs Nelson , Thank you you are doing a wonderful and respectful job. Warm Regards, Kathrin Wörner

Kathrin Wörner


I give it 5 stars because Nelson & co are worth every one. A more understanding person you could not find once everything is in his hands you can relax, remember and greave for your loved one, truly a five star service. Terry Ames

Terry Ames


I never thought I would have to be writing a review for a ceremony for the death of one of my children. Our son Harry 22, perished in one of the numerous illegal water wells in Portugal while trying to save his little puppy who had inadvertently fallen down one of these death traps scattered around the countryside. The help and compassion displayed by Nelson and Natasha were excellent and the complex and rapid process here in Portugal was made fairly straightforward by their expertise.Thank

Mark Bradley